Saving Baby Mia

We need your help today for baby Mia!

After suffering from persistent jaundice, she was taken to the doctor who misdiagnosed her and did not detect she had a rare congenital disease called Biliary Atresia on time for it to be treated with surgery and save her liver. Biliary Atresia affects infants, usually showing up 2 to 8 weeks after birth; in Mia’s case, it would appear she also has Biliary Cirrhosis, in which the liver and bile ducts are slowly destroyed. Her liver is now in severe failure and her only hope for life is an URGENT LIVER TRANSPLANT.

She’s just turned 10 months old and has already been hospitalized 5 times since her birth on January 21st, 2017.



For her family, sustained only by her father’s farming in the small mountain town of Zambrano (30 minutes away from the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa), this is a monumental and daunting mountain to climb.

Honduras is a third world country with very limited medical care facilities that do not have the capabilities to perform a liver transplant. Friends of Mia’s dad, who everyone knows by his nickname, Chele, have helped in many small tasks like sending emails and making phone calls to get the word out. All these small efforts have added up to a chance of baby Mia being admitted in a US hospital for her urgently needed transplant.



Looks as though Mia's case has been accepted by the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and will help cover some of the expenses.  After 3 months of the family being there, they will be able to be in hospital provided housing.

But, dozens of things have to happen before this is a reality for baby Mia, visa's for the family, who also have an 8 year old daughter they can’t leave behind; determining which parent’s liver is compatible with Mia in order for them to donate part of their own, if this is even possible, and once they arrive to receive the transplant, they will need 3 months of housing, food, transportation, and many other things


As you can see from the pictures, Mia's health is rapidly deteriorating, and every hour of every day counts for this family that is desperately searching, working and hoping for the next little miracle.  She's been pretty stable these past 2 months, but yesterday she showed some reluctance to eat and some discomfort,  her tummy inflammation is growing slowly.

The family needs $3,000.00, immediately, to be able to pay for the visa's, airfare, and other costs that they will need right away, upon their arrival to the US.

Please contribute to this cause, to bring hope and comfort to this family with a donation that brings them closer to what they need to cover for baby Mia’s transplant in the US. PLEASE help to make this miracle possible!

With love, Ernie and Robyn Breaux,
ER International

robyn breaux