AGE: 9
BIRTHDAY: March 16
GRADE: Fourth

Meet Kivana!  She lives on the island of Roatan, Honduras with her grandparents.  When Kivana first began attending school, she was very quiet and often had angry outbursts – a lot of it had to do with her home situation.   She has begun opening up to her teachers and feels safe at school, she is like a different girl.   Kivana is incredibly intelligent, loves to sing and play with her friends.  She says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she can help sick people.  Her favorite color is purple.

A loving sponsor would help encourage Kivana to continue working hard and stay in school. Would you consider investing in her life through sponsorship?

There are 2 different levels of sponsorship for you to consider:

$22.00 per month provides a weekly backpack of food to feed her and her family, keeps her in school.

$34.00 per month provides a weekly backpack, keeps her in school, plus hot lunch.