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Greetings, dear readers! We hope this newsletter finds you happy and well.

This month we are delighted to introduce you to Mareli, Vashly, and Kenney, three precious children who live and go to school in Roatán, Honduras. Their stories have caught our hearts and we are grateful to be able to share them.

As most of you know, the ER International Backpack Program provides backpacks filled with food to 52 students who attend Samuel Raymond Christian School in Roatán. Because we believe education plays a critical role in ending the poverty cycle, students have to stay in school to receive a backpack. In this way the backpacks of food not only feed each child’s family for an entire week, but also help the students receiving them to continue on with their studies.

The program wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful people who have chosen to sponsor a child. Sponsors generously give $22/month. All of this goes towards purchasing the food used to fill their sponsored student’s backpack and keeping that child in school. For $34/month sponsors can do all of that plus provide a daily hot lunch.

Since starting the program over a year ago, we have secured sponsorships for 37 students and are still actively seeking sponsors for 15 more.

The children you will meet today, Mareli, Vashly, and Kenney, are all in need of a sponsor. 

We wanted to bring them to your attention in case anyone is able to give towards feeding their families, keeping them in school, and lifting their spirits by being a positive influence in their lives. Many students have said it is the knowing that someone from far away cares about them that impacts them the most. Sponsors can also exchange letters with their child, or even better plan a trip and volunteer at their child’s school in Roatán and meet them face to face!

So without further ado, please meet:



Mareli is eight years-old and in the second grade. She lives in Roatán with her parents and siblings. Her father works on a cruise ship and has to spend many months away from home. Her mother moved to Roatán from the mainland of Honduras so that Mareli could attend the Christian school where we distribute food. Mareli is excited to learn and has a sweet, gentle spirit. She loves playing several sports and being with her friends. Her favorite color is purple. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor because she wants to help sick people.



Vashly is eleven years-old and in the fifth grade. As you can see, her big beautiful smile lights up the room. She lives in Roatán with her parents and siblings. Vashly loves attending school and is always eager to learn. She likes football, playing with her friends, and reading her Bible. Her favorite color is yellow. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she replied that she wants to do whatever Jesus wants her to do.



Kenney is eleven years-old and in the sixth grade. He lives in Roatán with his mother, who works as a cook. He enjoys doing his schoolwork and especially loves reading books. Kenney also likes visiting the beach and spending time with his friends. His favorite color is red. Kenney has a huge caring heart for others and hates to see anyone feeling sad. Someday he hopes to be able to help other people by becoming a doctor. 

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ER International still has 15 students waiting for sponsorship right now.  If you or someone you know would like to sponsor one of these children, the process is so easy. Simply click the 'SPONSOR TODAY!' button below.

Stay tuned for our newsletter coming out next month to learn more about the ER International Backpack Program, and Punta Caliente. 

Tyler Simmons